How to be an Outstanding Primary School Teacher by David Dunn

How to be an Outstanding Primary School Teacher by David Dunn
Requirements: .PDF reader, 697 kb
Overview: This book contains lots of easy-to-introduce activities and techniques that will propel satisfactory and good lessons into the outstanding category – not just when being observed, but all the time. And the best news? This book tells you how to do it without spending lots more time planning, researching and preparing out of this world lessons.All of the activities have been tried-and-tested in the classroom and are divided into three areas: ideas for embedding or preparing ””by this time tomorrow””, ””by this time next month”” and ””by this time next term”” so you can choose the activity you have time for. Each chapter focuses on a perennial issue in teaching and in inspection, such as differentiation, working with your Teaching Assistant and Assessment for Learning.There are dozens of starters and plenaries and useful websites, and the authors own website offers resources to save you even more time. A must for all primary school teachers who want to become outstanding, not just for the inspectors but for every child they teach.
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