How To Become An Expert On Anything …

How To Become An Expert On Anything In Two Hours

In almost any field, the ability to connect with others immediately through knowledge of a particular subject area is vital to gaining trust, solidifying relationships, and getting ideas across. Convincing others that you "know what you’re talking about" can help win clients, gain allies, make sales, and much morebut tricks and shortcuts like peppering conversation with jargon or random facts can seem transparent at best, and often work against your intent. This field-tested book gives readers a comprehensive process for quickly taking in small amounts of information in a given area and knowing how to use it to convey familiarity. The book enables impression-conscious readers to: conduct fast, targeted research * inject information at exactly the right moments * read human behavior to determine when others are "buying" one’s expertise * ask the right types of questions to suggest a knowledge of one’s subject * terminate the interaction at the right time This book allows readers to generate amazing rapport with anyone by honing in on the one subject that interests them most: their own area of expertise.

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