How to Die Alone by Mo Welch

How to Die Alone: The Foolproof Guide to Not Helping Yourself by Mo Welch
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Overview: Meet Blair, viral Instagram sensation and antisocial icon, in this handbook to living your worst life, written and illustrated with laugh-out-loud wit by comedian Mo Welch.

For every brave soul who wants to just say no-no to meeting the gang for drinks, no to wishing a coworker happy birthday (unless there’s free cake involved), and no to dating of any kind-here comes Blair, the master of living life in sweatpants and talking only to her cat. With her dark but totally honest perspective, Blair will teach you how to become an antisocial hermit, fail at your boring job, sabotage your relationship, and always-always-give yourself permission to choose the couch over the gym.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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