How to Make Incredible Money Technology Sales by Mike Slattery

How to Make Incredible Money in Technology Sales by Mike Slattery
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Overview: If you simplify it, there are only two core components to making incredible money in technology sales. Those two core components are generating more pipeline and closing more pipeline. That’s it. I’m not going to tell you that you need more pipeline and you need to close more deals. You already know that. I’m going to show you the most efficient process for generating more pipeline and closing more deals, which will ultimately help you make incredible money in technology sales.

My commitment to you: I promise that if you read this book and implement these processes, you will save yourself time and increase your sales. If you’re trying to break into technology sales, discuss these processes during the interview, and you will land a job at the right technology company. As they say, once is chance, twice is coincidence, and the third time is a pattern. The sales processes in this book are what I have used to sell over one hundred net new logos, and I have never once missed a presidents club in my career. If you apply this system to your sales territory, you’ll make more money and elevate your technology sales career.

I’ve conducted roughly one thousand discovery meetings. I’ve sold to CEOs of emerging technology companies, chief information officers (CIOs) of Fortune 500 companies, CMOs of global brands, and chief supply chain officers (CSCOs) from blue-chip companies. This book and the integrated how-to videos will show you the detailed actions you need to take to be successful in technology sales year over year.

Regarding the first component of generating more pipeline, I’ll show you how to stay motivated by fueling your resiliency fire. We’ll lay a solid foundation by showing you the most efficient white-spacing process. Once we lay the foundation, we’ll build you a core system of automation for driving new pipeline. We’ll discuss a personalized messaging strategy that will drive new meetings with a click of a button. I’ll show you how to break into any account with prospect journey mapping, and I’ll show you how to leverage digital tools in the digital era to get a meeting with anybody.

Once we build your core system of automation to generate new pipeline, we will shift gears and focus on the second component of closing more pipeline. I’ll show you how to master the discovery meeting. We’ll discuss how to prepare and how to get the information you need to move the sale forward; even when you don’t have access to the chief financial officer (CFO). I’ll show you how to create internal champions via personal value to get the deal done. We’ll discuss closing the sale with justification statements and how to stay top of mind between interactions.

Also, I’ll provide value between those two core components, such as how to ensure your long-term sales success and stay ahead of your peers. I’ll discuss the importance of becoming an agile sales professional and adapting to your new environment.
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