How to Never Skip your Workout Again by Anthony Arvanitakis +

How to Never Skip your Workout Again: (and get in Shape permanently) by Anthony Arvanitakis
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Overview: Spring is that time of the year during which most of us start feeling motivated to get in shape. Of course, the main reason behind that is that summer is right around the next seasonal corner and we’re thinking that we should work a bit on our beach-body before it’s too late.

Sure, we all know that exercise is not just about looking good in our bathing-suit. Yet, that’s the biggest reason most of us do it. It’s good to remind ourselves though that exercise is a very powerful tool that has more to offer than just superficial benefits.

I have to be honest with you and tell you that I wrote this book with a hidden agenda behind it. By motivating you to get in shape for the summer (or whatever special event you want to look good for) – my goal is to trick you into making exercise part of your routine whole-year round. By the end of this book, not only will you be in better shape for the beach. You’ll be also ready to adopt exercise as part of your lifestyle even after summer is over.
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