How to Overcome Anxiety & Worry by Michelle Galler (.M4B)

How to Overcome Anxiety & Worry through Mindfulness: Deal with Worry, Stress, Panic, Fear & Negative Thinking by Michelle Galler
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Overview: Dealing with worry, stress, panic, fear, negative thinking, anxiety, and worry (to name just a few of the factors that can affect people these days) is never easy, but help is available.
Michelle Galler has produced a simple, easy-to-follow, and unique guide to a calmer and happier life, leaving you more capable of dealing with the situations life throws at us. Some of the topics covered in this book include: Quickly & Easily Overcome Anxiety & Stress, Dealing with Relationships – Family, Friends & Romantic, Steps to Creating the Future You Want, Clearing Out the Clutter & Nonsense from Your Life, Mindfulness – A Simple Guide for Everyone to Follow, Looking After Yourself, Reframing Negative and Worrying Thoughts, And so much more!
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