How To Put The “Oh!” In Oral by Susan Irwin

How To Put The "Oh!" In Oral – The Ultimate Oral Sex Guide For Husbands by Susan Irwin
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Overview: You may ask why Robert and I would choose to write a book on something like
cunnilingus. Well, the truth is, our readers were really interested in reading a book about this
most intimate sex act — particularly our male readers. Oral sex mastery is not as
straightforward as some would have you believe. It goes way beyond simply tongue-on-clitoris;
and there are a lot of questions that we felt we needed to answer, such as, "Is it okay for
Christians?" "How do I get my wife to let me perform oral sex on her?" and "How do I do it
correctly?" We will attempt to answer all of these fully during the course of this book.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational Oral Sex Guide

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