How to Ruin a Queen by Jonathan Beckman

How to Ruin a Queen: Marie Antoinette and the Diamond Necklace Affair by Jonathan Beckman
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Overview: In 1785, a sensational trial began in Paris that would divide the country and captivate Europe. A leading Catholic cardinal and scion of one of the most distinguished families in France stood accused of forging the queen’s signature to obtain the most expensive piece of jewelry in Europe: a 2,800-carat diamond necklace. Where were the diamonds? Was the cardinal innocent? Was, for that matter, the queen? The revelations from the trial would bedevil the French monarchy as the country descended into a bloody revolution.
In 1785, scandal is running amok in France. Michael Page narrates with precise enunciation. What scandal? Marie Antoinette’s signature is used to purchase a 2,800-carat diamond necklace, which promptly disappears. Fingers point to Cardinal Louis de Rohan, the prince-bishop of Strasbourg and the grand almoner of France, and to Jeanne de Saint-Rémy, Comtesse de La Motte-Valois, illegitimate heir of King Henry Valois. Page’s brusque narration of political and monetary schemes aids listeners as they follow the mystery, complex relationships, Court intrigue, and a failing French monarchy. Page fluently switches between French, German, and English while recounting this complex history of theft, scandal, and fiscal mismanagement.
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