How to Talk Business Like a Boss [Audiobook]

How to Talk Business Like a Boss [Audiobook]

Mr. Gregory Peart, William James (Narrator), “How to Talk Business Like a Boss”
ASIN: B07D1CTDRY | 2018 | [email protected] kbps | ~02:55:00 | 86 MB

Gregory Peart knows that people are hungry for results-oriented, no-nonsense advice. Someone to tell it to them straight. To give them not only inspiration to change, but a step-by-step plan to get it done. That’s what he’s done for thousands of people across the world with his social skill guides and popular website,

Talking business is much more than learning corporate buzzwords. Do you aspire to move up the corporate food chain? How to speak like a leader becomes more important the higher you climb. You’ll have to learn to speak like the big dogs. You won’t be considered for a leadership role unless first you look, act and sound like a leader.

If you want to be a great manager or leader in your field; if you want to influence those around you; if you want to persuade others to support your ideas; if you want to present your case in a more engaging way; and if you want others to respect you, you must learn to talk the language of a boss.

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