How to Win in the Chess Openings

How to Win in the Chess Openings
Publisher: Touchstone
Date: 1986-03-07
ISBN-10: 0671624261
ISBN-13: 9780671624262
Language: English
Pages: 192
Added: 2012-06-25 16:43:13

International Master Al Horowitz goes through every major chess opening system and provides just one line of play for White, one line of play for Black, and the reason for each move by White or Black. This book will not show the reader how to win every game, but it will provide an easy route which will enable the player to get a reasonable, playable position out of the opening with good winning chances, even against the strongest opponents, without having to memorize a bunch of opening lines. I am reprinting this book because I learned more useful information from this book than and other chess book I ever read. I memorized the entire book, every move in it, when I was 14. The way I was able to remember the entire book was that, for every move in the book, a reason for the move was given. So, if I was trying to remember what the next move was, I would remember the reason for the move. Once I remembered the reason for the move, then I could figure out what the move was. All of the lines in this book are still played at the top levels. None are obsolete. In addition, while some might consider them to be out of date, I think they are OK because the average chess book buyer is a 1300-1500 player, and they do not need to know the latest theoretical variations. The old lines will do just as well if not better. I will recommend this book to any player rated below 1700. Show more Show less 55bd1aaf9b86b05eeea3b212ebd81ae9

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