Hp Comware Lab Version

HP Comware Lab Version
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Comware version 7 (v7) is a high-end netwk HP Netwking operating system (OS).
It provides control and management to switches, routers, and security appliances.
The HP Comware Lab, is a graphical user interface f the netwk device emulation
software. With the HP Comware Lab, the user can virtualize various models of the HP netwk
equipment and configurations to build a virtual netwk environment.
Usage f HP Comware Lab:
1. Learn netwk technology
2. Preperation f HP Netwking Certifications.
3. Familiarize with the Comware V7 platfm based on netwk equipment
4. Engineers and technicians who need a virtual environment to test and verify the
configuration program
HCL runs virtual machines on acle VM VirtualBox. The perfmance of the virtual machines
is determined by the VirtualBox environment, the Windows OS, and the hardware platfm.
Read manual first, install acle VirtualBox befe. Enjoy!




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