Hungry For Greatness by Farai Mufarinya

Hungry For Greatness: Success, Wealth & Achievement are only for the Hungry! by Farai Mufarinya
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Overview: I have come to the realization that the greatest enemy of success is not hardships the lack of opportunities, nor resources, but it’s simply the lack of hunger. People are generally not hungry for success and greatness.

The average individual has an ordinary appetite that is quenched through ordinary provision. People easily get satisfied from earning enough income, satisfied with unfulfilling jobs, so that they can at LEAST have their bare minimum needs catered for. Only a few have the audacity and the drive to have an abnormal hunger that refuses to be quenched by an ordinary supply.
I wrote this Book for individuals who believe there is more to life and that life has more for them.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Health, Fitness & Medical l Self-Help

In a survey that I conducted, I asked random people what they thought differentiates successful people from underachievers. The result of the survey revealed the following:
-some people believe that successful people are where they are because of hard work,
-others believe that successful people are where they are because they work smart,
-another group is of the school of thought that people are successful purely because they are gifted and finally
-other people even attributed fate as being
the determinant factor of success.
What about you, what do you think differentiates
the successful from the mediocre? The rich from the poor? Super-achievers from under-achievers? It seems everyone has their own opinion of what the key to success is.

I believe it’s only when one studies the behavior of the successful that one discovers and learns the mysteries that led to their success. In my research, I discovered that successful people are always pressing for more, no matter what they achieve. It’s this drive for more that makes the layman define the rich and successful as being ‘greedy’. After years of research, I have come to understand that rich people are in fact not greedy, rather, they are HUNGRY! The main difference between the ordinary and great is HUNGER. Every exceptional person has a HUNGER for MORE.

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