I Love My Dog Embroidery: 380 Stitch …

I Love My Dog Embroidery: 380 Stitch Motifs For Dog Moms And Dads

I Love My Dog Embroidery is a collection of 380 adorable dog-themed stitch motifs for pooch parents and their beloved fur babies, with project ideas, how-tos, and templates. Created by embroidery artist MakikoArt and six other amazing embroidery artists, this dog fanciful collection of stitch motifs celebrates all things canine. With this lovely embroidery guide, you can create all manner of pups, including: The sweet Labrador retriever, fluffy poodle, noble German shepherd, and many others Dogs doing what they do bestclassic poses, postures, and trickslike roll over, give me your paw, and the ever-popular rub my tummy Pooches disguised as peoplethe farmer, the artist, the businessmanand who can resist the sneaky but lovable mailman? Mutts in different styles and shapes, including borders, frames, and alphabets Youll also find guidance on how to customize a motif to fit your favorite Fido, plus a gallery of project ideas for showcasing your stitches. So grab a needle and floss and take everything in your home and wardrobe from drab to double-dog fabulous! With designs contributed by: Chloe Redfern Embroidery / Chloe Redfern How Could You? Clothing / Mia Alexi Insanitynice / Valentina Castillo Mora Miho Starling / mipomipo handmade Solipandi / Anja Lehmann Stitch People / Elizabeth Dabczynski

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