I Used to Have a Handle on Life But It Broke by Mary LoVerde

I Used to Have a Handle on Life But It Broke: Six Power Solutions for Women With Too Much To Do by Mary LoVerde
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Overview: Working 24/7 and STILL
Can’t Get It All Done?
Then don’t! Most women think that the only way to manage the mounting chaos in their lives is to take control and organize, organize, organize. No wonder we have overwhelming to-do lists that leave us feeling exhausted and powerless! But in I Used to Have a Handle on Life but It Broke, Mary LoVerde has a better idea.
Showing us that the opposite of control is not chaos but contentment, LoVerde demonstrates how to counter the natural urge to assume responsibility for everything. In place of frustrating and futile controlling strategies, she gives readers straightforward techniques for maintaining their energy and keeping their balance no matter what life throws their way. Recognizing that we often confuse control with power, LoVerde delineates six solutions that will help women change from striving for control to thriving with true power..
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