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William H. Keith (born August 8, 1950) is an American author. He served during the Vietnam War in the United States Navy as a hospital corpsman. He became a professional artist and writer, working in the game industry with his brother Andrew, particularly for Games Designers Workshop and FASA for before becoming a full-time author. Much of his early work, including the Warstrider series, the Freedom’s Rangers series, the Cybernarc series, and the Invaders of Charon series, is currently out-of-print. He was also an early author for BattleTech, writing the saga of the Gray Death Legion.
Keith also writes under various pseudonyms and "house names", including Ian Douglas and H. Jay Riker, and is a shadow author of several books "by" celebrities. He has written extensively in Keith Laumer’s Bolo series, contributing several short stories to the Bolo anthologies, as well as three full length books, Bolo Brigade, Bolo Strike, and Bolo Rising. As Ian Douglas, he writes military science fiction: the Galactic Marines series (composed of the Heritage Trilogy, the Legacy Trilogy, and the Inheritance Trilogy), and the newer Star Carrier series. As H. Jay Riker he writes military fiction: a series about the United States Navy SEALS progression from World War II through the Vietnam War, Desert Storm, and Iraqi Freedom, and another series, The Silent Service, about the United States submarine service.
Other novels include Diplomatic Act with Peter Jurasik, and Two of Minds, nominated for a Newbery Award. He also continued Keith Laumer’s Retief series with Retief’s Peace. His first non-fiction book, The Science of the Craft, was published in 2005; it is about the link between witchcraft and science.
Keith’s recent work includes three books in Stephen Coonts’ Deep Black series; a police procedural/detective novel in the Android universe; and a new series about Navy Hospital Corpsmen in the future.
Keith, a Wiccan and a Reiki master, is also a member of Western Pennsylvania Mensa.

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Star Carrier series

Ian Douglas – Earth Strike (read by Nick Sullivan)
Ian Douglas – Center Of Gravity (read by Nick Sullivan)
Ian Douglas – Singularity (read by Nick Sullivan)
Ian Douglas – Deep Space (read by Nick Sullivan)
Ian Douglas – Dark Matter (read by Nick Sullivan)
Ian Douglas – Deep Time (read by Nick Sullivan)
Ian Douglas – Dark Mind (read by Nick Sullivan)

Heritage Trilogy

Ian Douglas – Semper Mars (read by Ray Chase)
Ian Douglas – Luna Marine (read by Ray Chase)
Ian Douglas – Europa Strike (read by Ray Chase)

The Legacy Trilogy

Ian Douglas – Star Corps (read by David Drummond)
Ian Douglas – Battlespace (read by David Drummond)
Ian Douglas – Star Marines (read by David Drummond)

Inheritance Trilogy

Ian Douglas – Star Strike (read by Marc Vietor)
Ian Douglas – Galactic Corps (read by Marc Vietor)
Ian Douglas – Semper Human (read by William Dufris)

Star Corpsman series

Ian Douglas – Bloodstar (read by David Drummond)
Ian Douglas – Abyss Deep (read by David Drummond)

Andromedan Dark Series

Ian Douglas – Altered Starscape (read by Nick Sullivan)
Ian Douglas – Darkness Falling (read by Nick Sullivan)

Warstrider series / with William H. Keith Jr.

Ian Douglas – Warstrider (read by David Drummond)
Ian Douglas – Rebellion (read by David Drummond)
Ian Douglas – Jackers (read by David Drummond)
Ian Douglas – Symbionts (read by David Drummond)
Ian Douglas – Netlink (read by David Drummond)
Ian Douglas – Battlemind (read by David Drummond)

Star Carrier series

Heritage Trilogy

The Legacy Trilogy

Inheritance Trilogy

Star Corpsman series

Andromedan Dark Series

Warstrider series


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