Ice and Blood by Oliver Altair

Ice and Blood by Oliver Altair (American Alchemy #2)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 555 KB

Isolated. Stalked by evil. Dark magic returns to Souls Well.
It’s the dead of winter in Souls Well, Colorado. Blizzards keep raging. Snow blocks every doorstep. Supplies are getting low. Sheriff Tiberius Tibbetts is struggling to keep his neighbors from jumping down each other’s throats, and everyone is distrustful of the stranded group of travelers that arrived at the worst possible moment.

When a wave of gruesome murders shake the town to its core, Tiberius will have to put his detective skills to the test and find the killer hiding in the shadows. Even if that means facing a lethal, supernatural creature ready to hunt them one by one until there’s none left to see the upcoming spring. But how to succeed when alchemy and blood magic are at play?