IdrawGirls Drawing Tutorial Series

IdrawGirls Drawing Tutorial Series
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Genre: Video Training

Face Constructed – this tutorial series will explain how to quickly and effectively create female faces in variety unique
styles. You will also learn how to manipulate shape and form within the value ranges to change it into any unique set of
facial features. Female Figure Fusion – in this feature tutorial, you will learn to construct and paint a hybrid (fusion)
style semi-realistic painting female figure.
I Front View
01) Face construction using line drawing.
02) Establishing value range (light and shadow).
03) Basic edges and dealing with hair (dark).
04) Working with soft and hard edges. Check values and finish up.
05) Working from establish values to create face.
06) Arranging, manipulating shapes, refining edges and finish up.
07) Face construction using line drawing.
08) Manipulate simple values and edges using custom brushes and finish up.
II Three Quarter View (The most Flattering View)
09) Constructing facial feature using lines.
10) Arranging features, shapes and forms. Also dealing with light hair (blond)
11) Establishing values and finish up
12) Creating and finish facial structure using basic values.
III Side View (profile)
13) Using lines to create, then establishing values and finish up.
14) Creating and finish facial structure using basic values.
I Front View Portrait Painting
01) Color palette explain in depth.
02) Establishing lines and blocking in values.
03) Skintones and color temporatures.
04) Painting face using color combination, balance cool and warm.
05) Painting hair and finishing up a portrait
II Profile Portrait Painting
06) Drawing and blocking in values.
07) Establishing skintone and values.
08) Balancing cool and warm, blending, soft edges and hard edges.
09) Painting dark hair and finishing up.
III Three Quarter View Portrait painting
10) Establishing construction lines and base colors.
11) Arranging features, shapes and forms. Also dealing with light hair (blond)
12) Blocking in, arranging colors and values, using soft edges and hard edges, blending.
13) Painting hair and finishing up the portrait.
14) How to paint skintone variations.
Female Figure Fusion I
01) Constructing a Female Drawing (body front-view)
02) Base color, Block in and Skin Tone.
03) Painting Face and check overall proportion.
04) Rendering Torso area and Breasts.
05) Finished figure rendering and value control.
06) Extra Chapter: Costume shape and form.
07) Skin Color: Tips to make dark & light skin character.
Female Figure Manga Fusion II
1) Basic Female Anatomy for Artist: Front and Profile
2) Basic Female Anatomy for Artist: Back View
3) Rendering Female Torso & Breasts: Rough Sketch, Block in, Values, and Soft Edge vs Hard Edge.
4) Construct Female Figure (full body) in Action (gesture study): Basic, Movement, Weight, Balance, and Simplify
5) Construct Female Figure (Partial Body) in Action: Basic, Movement, Poses, Focal and Simplify
6) Painting Figures from sketches and apply basic anatomy into your painting.
7) Painting back of female figure (gray-scale): Focus on butts, thighs, legs, hip and back.

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