If I Am so Talented, Why Can’t I… by Valentina Savelyeva +

If I Am so Talented, Why Can’t I Choose What to Do?: The CLEAR WAY to Find Professional Success by Valentina Savelyeva
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Overview: Find your niche and move forward in your life and career.

Are you tired of wasting years of your life on confusing career placement tests that aren’t helpful? Do the jobs you take end up temporary and unfulfilling? If this sounds familiar, then you may need to find clarity on what to do and how to align your talents, gifts, skills, and experiences to choose a career where you can thrive.

In If I Am so Talented, Why Can’t I Choose What to Do?, success coach Valentina Savelyeva shares her top insights and strategies to help you make these important decisions around work, life, and money. With over a decade of experience working with thousands of MBA students, young professionals, and business owners, Valentina possesses the knowledge to help you navigate a wide range of industries, including finance, consulting, technology, and social entrepreneurship.
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