If I Fell by John Manchester

If I Fell by John Manchester (Ray of Darkness #2)
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 385 KB

Another one of Bodine’s friends just fell to their death. Is he next?
The ’60s counterculture taught Bodine to live as he pleases: under the radar, writing meticulous computer code by day and playing digital Robin Hood by night. The ’60s ended for Bodine the night he and his friends dropped acid and his first love, Angela, wandered out in a blizzard and fell from a cliff to her death.
Forty years later one of the friends he tripped with that night dies falling from a cliff, and it looks like somebody pushed him.

To find out who, he has to dig into his darkest past, which includes challenging his decades-long pacifist vows. There’s an upside to this terrible business – the chance that he can make good on the broken promise of the ’60s and recover what he lost when Angela died. But first he has to stay alive.