Igor Ledochowski – World Class Hypnotic Storyteller

Igor Ledochowski – World Class Hypnotic Storyteller
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After discovering this you too will say…
"Use This NEW �Fusion Hypnosis� To Ethically Influence People’s Primal Decision Making Process…"
Best part: you can use it in everyday conversations� as well as serious business meetings� to have effective, ethical influence with other people�
And yet: nobody will ever feel like you are putting ideas in their head or influencing them in any way�

What is printed on this webpage will likely make you very envious.

It’s not my intention to make you envious. But the people mentioned on this page will, I’m afraid, have something of that effect on you.

Take "Mr. O" for example:

"Mr. O" (his full name is omitted to protect his privacy) is a high-stakes investment bounty hunter.

He pitches for (and gets) hundreds of millions of dollars of investment capital from steely-eyed executives at major corporations — including (but not limited to) Bear Stearns, Boeing, Disney, Honda, Texas Instruments, and Yamaha.

He also has ice-cold Russian Oligarchs and iconic billionaires (from Yahoo! And Google and the like) practically falling over themselves to invest in his ventures.

All in all, "Mr. O" is rather good at what he does. So good in fact that he grew his boutique investment company from $100,000,000 to $400,000,000…
During The Biggest Banking
Collapse In World History!

How does "Mr. O" do it?

I’ll tell you in just a second.

First I want to tell you about a CEO named John.

John is a quiet, yet curious, man.

He makes fools of sales gurus. Especially the sales guru his company hired to train his employees. It makes for an amusing story�

What happened is this:

John sat in on an important sales meeting with Jason, a top salesman who had been training with the sales guru who had trained all the company�s sales employees in a new and improved selling methodology.

They were sitting together in an office room presenting (and hoping to sell) information technology services to the CIO of another important company.

The employee salesperson (Jason) followed all the sales strategies he’d been taught.

And he was doing an ace job of following the new sales methodology he�d been taught. All was going well… then something disturbing happened about 5 or 6 minutes into the meeting�

What happened is the CIO took an irritable dislike to the questions he was being asked and the direction the meeting was going� and� from there� just like a runaway sledge…
Everything Went Downhill Very Fast!

And the more Jason the employee salesperson tried to "get back on track" with the sales strategies he’d been taught, the closer the CIO got to erupting in anger.

It was at this uncomfortable point in the meeting that John the CEO had to calmly step in.

John (the CEO) didn’t follow any sales strategies he’d been taught (he hadn’t been taught any!) and curiously enough he didn’t mention any details about his company’s technology services nor try and sell the CIO in any way.

But within minutes of John the CEO �taking over� the oddest thing happened:

The CIO completely "thawed" and, with no prompting whatsoever, suddenly decided to purchase the information technology services. There was no negotiating on price, either. It was just — as they say in sales-talk�
A done deal

Are you wondering how John (the CEO) turned an angry prospect into a buyer without any �sales moves� or even mention of the service they were selling?

I’ll tell you that in a moment too.

Right after I tell you about an intriguing man called Gerry Spence.

Gerry is arguably THE best trial lawyer who ever lived.

How good is he?

Well, if my sources are correct, he’s never lost a criminal trial (and hasn’t lost a civil trial since 1969).

What’s even more interesting is this: because the jury always seem to "lap up" whatever point he makes… a leading member of the defence council (so annoyed he couldn’t win) once accused Gerry of:
Hypnotizing The Jury

Is that true?

Kind of.

Because although Gerry does not put the jury into a "sleep like trance" and take advantage of their vulnerability — he does make all his points through stories.

And he tells stories in such a way that his points of argument �seep into� jury members.

In fact, so undetectable are Gerry�s points (cloaked in stories) — even jury members who have already made up their mind against Gerry’s client eventually HAVE to concede (and ultimately agree with) Gerry’s arguments in court.

The �take away� point? It�s this:

Uri Hasson Speaker Listener StudyIt’s through stories that Gerry Spence has become arguably the BEST trial lawyer of all time.

It was also through stories that the CEO John got an angry CIO to "sell themselves" on making a big purchase decision.

And, yes…

It’s mainly through stories that investment bounty hunter "Mr. O" influences ruthless money-men to part with hundreds of millions of dollars.

No need to feel envious of any of the people mentioned though — because there�s now a way to out-do all the people mentioned on this page by using a NEW hybrid hypnosis that FUSES my advanced covert hypnosis principles with the hypnotic story telling techniques of…
�Hands Down The BEST Hypnotic
Storyteller I Have Ever Come Across!�

I’ll tell you who my "pick" as the best hypnotic story teller is in a bit.

But what’s important now is you understand just how powerful you will become when you fuse (combine) my advanced covert hypnosis principles with the best hypnotic storytelling secrets there are.

It’s not too much of an exaggeration to say that when you combine advanced covert hypnosis (to induce certain emotions) with storytelling hypnosis you will influence the pictures in another person’s mind and the emotions in their body almost as easily as you change the pictures on your TV screen with…
A Remote Control

Remote Control BrainEveryone thinks in pictures.

So: the better you are at directing the pictures inside the head of another person — the more influence you will have with them.

Likewise, everyone feels emotions.

So: the better you are at triggering emotions that fuel the actions you want another person to take — the more influence you will have with them.

Meaning: When you combine directing the pictures in another person’s head with triggering the emotions you want them to feel…
It Really Is Like Having A Primal "Remote Control" To Their Mind & Emotions And The Decisions You Want Them To Make

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