Illustrator Symbols

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Illustrator symbols can save designers a ton of time. They allow you to reuse pieces of artwork and update all the instances where you’ve used it all at once. And, as Justin Seeley explains, they also happen to reduce your document’s file size. Follow along with Justin in this course as he shows you how to create your own symbols, save them to libraries, and make changes to symbols and their instances. You’ll learn to scale, nest, resize, colorize, and even randomize the symbols in your documents. Plus, get three different practical uses for symbols: a simulated "master page" like you’d find in Adobe InDesign, a product mockup, and a website prototype.
Topics include:
What are symbols?
Creating your own symbols
Saving and loading symbol libraries
Modifying registration points
Working with nested symbols
Using 9-slice scaling
Resizing symbols in a set
Adjusting symbol transparency
Mapping symbols to artwork

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