In Too Deep by Bradd Chambers

In Too Deep by Bradd Chambers
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 350 KB

You Can’t Shake The Feeling That You’re Being Followed
Still coming to terms with her mother’s suicide, Ava has devoted her life to treating the mental health epidemic infecting Derry City.
Your Past Is Coming Back To Haunt You

But after she starts getting mysterious presents and messages, her life spirals into chaos. Can she regain control? Or will she lose everything?

And Before You Know It, You’re In Too Deep
Ava McFeely has recently lost her mother to suicide. She’s grown up and changed the tragedy to something positive by starting a charity in her mother’s name. She lives in Derry in Northern Ireland, a city plagued with mental health and notorious for the infamous River Foyle, the fastest flowing in Europe and the murderer of many of the suicidal.
She begins a revolt against a local politician who is campaigning to raise the railings of the bridge, believing that hindering the way in which people can commit suicide will not stop them from feeling suicidal. Once she starts making waves in the local community, she starts to receive messages and presents that she believes to be sinister. Are people trying to get her to shut up? Is she under threat? She strives to find out before she loses everything.