Indo-European Mythology and Religion by Alexander Jacob

Indo-European Mythology and Religion: Essays by Alexander Jacob
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Overview: The essays presented in this collection are based on Alexander Jacob’s earlier works, Ātman: A Reconstruction of the Solar Cosmology of the Indo-Europeans, Hildesheim: Georg Olms, 2005 and Brahman: A Study of the Solar Rituals of the Indo-Europeans, Hildesheim: Georg Olms, 2012. They expand on the cosmological and religious themes discussed in these books with special reference to the origins and development of the Indic and European spiritual traditions. Those familiar with the earlier works will not be surprised that Dr. Jacob’s view of the term ‘Indo-European’ is rather more comprehensive than the more restricted term ‘Āryan’ that has hitherto been widely used as a synonym of it. And those interested in the Āryan ethos itself may be surprised to learn that it does not consist in nationalistic virtues so much as in spiritual discipline and development – and that this development is characteristic of the religions of very extended and diversified branches of the Indo-European family.
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