Industrial Applications of Programmable Logic Controllers and Scada

Industrial Applications of Programmable Logic Controllers and Scada
English | 2016 | ISBN-10: 3960670249 | 84 Pages | PDF | 4.28 MB
The book contains various applications of programmable logic controllers and SCADA designing of a plant. Everyone knows, nowadays all human handled plants are being replaced by the automatic control system, thus called Automation. PLCs are accepted worldwide for easier access and better precision. In this book Rockwell PLCs are described and so is the SCADA design, which is also done by the RSView32 software, manufactured by Rockwell. It is one of the biggest names in the PLC software industry, being easy to use, control and modify. Some electrical drives, such as D.C drives and A.C drives, are also described in detail because the control part is done by the PLCs but the main plant is based on these electrical drives.
About the Author
Kunal Chakraborty currently is working as an Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at IMPS College of Engineering & Technology.He has about 3 years teaching experience.He obtained a Master of Technology (Electrical) with specialisation in control & automation from West Bengal University of Technology. His areas of interest include Control System, Measurement, and Instrumentation. He also successfully completed a 4 month certification course on INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION from WEBEL