Ine – Introduction To Openstack [hd]

INE – Introduction to OpenStack [HD]
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Category: Cloud-Comp | Networking | Security | Storage
In this course, students will receive an introduction to OpenStack, a rapidly growing open source software platform for cloud computing. Participants will review the core services necessary to utilize OpenStack for computer, networking, and storage resources as well as some of the ancillary components that are often deployed in production environments. Students will get more than 6 hours of instruction and hands-on experience using OpenStack from both a user and an operator perspective, and understand the basics of request processing, provisioning, and service communication patterns. At the end of the class, students will feel comfortable with the basics of an OpenStack cloud deployment and be ready to delve into more advanced sub-topics.
Course Outline:
OpenStack Overview
Introduction to OpenStack
Define Cloud Computing
A Brief History of OpenStack
OpenStack Projects Introduction
The Core Projects
Incubation and Other Projects
An Overview of Horizon
Deploying Compute Instances
Configuring Networks
Deploying WordPress
Architecture & Deployment
Deployment Architecture
Key Service Components
Production Considerations
Deploying OpenStack
Introduction to Devstack
OpenStack Compute
Nova API Commands
Using Nova API with curl
Nova API with Python
Overview of Nova CLI
Key Components for Requests
OpenStack Object Storage
Swift API Overview
Exercising Swift API with curl
Swift Internals
OpenStack Block Storage
Cinder API Overview
Exercising Cinder API with curl
Exercising Cinder API with Python
Overview of Cinder CLI
Cinder Internals
OpenStack Networking
Neutron API Overview
Exercising Neutron API with curl
Exercising Neutron API with Python
Overview of Neutron CLI
Neutron Internals
OpenStack Orchestration
Heat API Overview
Exercising Heat API with curl
Exercising Heat API with Python
Heat Internals
OpenStack Conclusion

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