Innovation In Service Industries: An Investigation Of …

Innovation In Service Industries: An Investigation Of The Internal And External Organizational Contexts From The Laboratory Of Real Estate (essays In Real Estate Research)

Susanne Hgel studies innovation in service industries from the industrial organization and behavioral theory perspectives, therefore chooses the real estate industry as object of study. The author examines the existing research on firm innovativeness, proposes a more advanced concept, and empirically validates a new measure in a service industry context. Thereby, the innovation status quo of the real estate industry is studied. In addition, the book addresses the impact of slack resources on the organizational members innovative work behavior. Overall, important insights about the service industries innovation pattern and organizational behavior are revealed. The book acknowledges the increasing role of innovation due to the altering business environment in the 21st century, such as shifts from goods to services, or the globalization of markets. About the Author:Susanne Hgel is an expert in the field of innovation, business model development, and digital transformation in the real estate industry. She wrote her dissertation at the Real Estate Management Institute (REMI) of EBS Business School.