Innovative Muffin Tin Cookbook by Anthony Boundy +

Innovative Muffin Tin Cookbook: Simple & Delicious Muffin Tin Recipes Ranging from Breakfast to Dessert by Anthony Boundy
Requirements: ePUB, PDF Reader, 8 MB
Overview: Do you own a muffin tin? Did you know that they can be used to create so much more than simple muffins?
That’s right! There’s virtually nothing you can’t create in a muffin tin. Best of all, just as with muffins, all you would need is your muffin tin, paper liners, and of course my Innovative Muffin Tin Cookbook. The dishes featured in this book are all made with easy to find ingredients, that are fresh and, in most cases, sustainable.
Genre: Non-Fiction, Food & Drink

Together we will create recipes such as:
•Smores Cups
•Brownie Bites
•Ham & Cheese Cups
•Cornbread Chili
•And so much more.

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