Instant Pot Secrets Revealed! by Penelope Middleton +

Instant Pot® Secrets Revealed!: What They Won’t Tell You! by Penelope Middleton
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Overview: Frustrated by the lack of detail in the Instant Pot® User’s Manual? Wondering whether Extra Virgin Olive Oil is suitable for sautéing? Does that “Rice” function really work? How do you get great Corn On The Cob? Does the “5-5-5” method actually give excellent hard-cooked eggs?If you still have these nagging questions after trying your Instant Pot® (and a lot of us did), then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve scoured the Internet, thumbed through a “ton” of refence books, and distilled down the answers to our most pressing questions. One striking answer to everybody’s burning question is “NO, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is NOT suitable for the Sauté mode in this Instant Pot!” So, what oils are? The answer is in this book; you have more oil choices than you think! You always have three choices: 1. Do nothing, and be resigned to what’s in the User’s Manual. 2. Experiment with various combinations on your own until you get lucky. 3. Jump start your kitchen with the tips and techniques in this book. You might just find that Number 3 is the key to turning mediocre meals into fantastic feasts! This book of Instant Pot® tips and techniques is targeted specifically at cooks who want to prepare healthy and great tasting family meals without agonizing over what mode and which temperature to use. br>It’s a testament to how meals can be made enticing, enjoyable, and yes, even fun! Go ahead, look inside, browse the table of contents, and visualize how these seemingly simple recipes will light up your family’s life! And don’t forget the Bonus Recipes!
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