Intellectual Property and Private International Law: Comparative…

Intellectual Property and Private International Law: Comparative Perspectives (Studies in Private International Law)
Publisher: Hart Publishing
Date: 2012-07-18
ISBN-10: 1849462313
ISBN-13: 9781849462310
Language: English
Pages: 1138
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‘Intellectual property and private international law’ was one of the subjects discussed at the 18th International Congress of Comparative Law held in Washington DC (July 2010). This volume contains the General Report and 20 National Reports covering the US, Canada, Japan, Korea, India, and a number of European countries (Austria, France, Germany, UK, Spain, etc). The General Report was prepared on the basis of the National Reports. The national reporters not only describe the existing legal framework, but also provide answers to 12 hypothetical cases concerning international jurisdiction, choice-of-law, and recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in multi-state intellectual property (IP) disputes. Based on their answers, the main differences between legal systems – as well as the shortcomings of the cross-border enforcement of IP rights – are outlined in the General Report. The Reports in this volume analyze relevant court decisions, as well as recent legislative proposals, such as the ALI, CLIP, Transparency, Waseda, and Korean Principles. The book is therefore a significant contribution to the existing debate in the field, and it will be a valuable source of reference in shaping future developments in the cross-border enforcement of IP rights in a global context. (Series: Studies in Private International Law – Vol. 10) Show more Show less f038329c669027bddf2804da7889f3fa  Size: (7.36 MB)   

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