Internet Crimes, Torts and Scams: Investigation and Remedies

Internet Crimes, Torts and Scams: Investigation and Remedies Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Date: 2010-01-15
ISBN-10: 0195373510
ISBN-13: 9780195373516
Language: English
Pages: 472
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Internet Crimes, Torts and Scams: Investigation and Remedies helps attorneys understand the increasing range of illegal and malicious internet activity and a similarly expanding number of response or enforcement options. Reflecting a “real-world” dynamic, the book is problem-oriented and cuts across many practice areas including intellectual property enforcement, libel, third-party liability, forensics, and global jurisdictional issues. It will aid practitioners who need to identify not only the type of problem a client faces but how to investigate and best respond to protect a client’s interests in any given situation.
In Internet Crimes, Torts and Scams, Melise Blakeslee draws upon her extensive experience investigating and litigating internet-based legal problems to produce a unique and accessible book for any attorney advising a client on internet-related risks. Topics covered in this comprehensive text include: investigation techniques such as how to interpret email headers, global jurisdiction, investigation of counterfeiters, intellectual property, the problems of anonymity on the Internet, and preparation of complaints. Also included are extensive appendices, including ICANN complaints, motions, a list of online resources, and guidelines for the seizure of electronic evidence. Show more Show less 12bcbd9a7e183c1bb0ce5af7643c7a5a Size: (3.00 MB) File name: 0195373510.pdf File size: 3.00 MB