Irrational Fears by Lee Lindauer

Irrational Fears by Lee Lindauer
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 536 KB
After witnessing the horrifying murder of her friend Tom Haley, Mallory Lowe, a cautious university mathematics professor, must emerge from her cocoon to become the gutsy and unpredictable woman she’s always dreamed of being. Running on the guilt of a past family tragedy that she blames on herself, Mallory is determined to find Tom’s now-missing daughter.
Following the clues in a 300-year-old equation left by Tom, Mallory’s search propels her into the tangled threads of a ruthless corporate entity known as Möbius, bent on controlling the world’s most precious resource: fresh water.
Along the way, Mallory is joined by CIA agent Lane McKenzie, who used Tom Haley as an operative to infiltrate Möbius and expose their corruption of government officials. Now he’s using Mallory to do the same, but without her knowledge. Sinking deeper into a pit of questionable ethics, he shadows her as she is propelled along a perilous journey from the southwest United States through the breathtaking landscape of Switzerland and into the inner workings of a massive hydroelectric dam in Turkey.
Caught between Möbius’ inner circle and a renegade associate, Mallory solves the riddle of the centuries old mathematics equation-only to discover something more ominous and deadly in the process. Mallory must reignite her mathematical mind and again put her life at risk if she hopes to stop Möbius from unleashing this looming threat.
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