Italian Cuisine: 50 Traditional Recipes by Robert Carter

Italian Cuisine: 50 Traditional Recipes from Italy with Love by Robert Carter (Italian Cookbooks #1)
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Overview: Are you a fan of Italy and delicious food of this sun-drenched country? Do you want to learn how to cook like a real Italian? Then this book is exactly what you need! The pages of this book contain 50 different authentic Italian recipes collected from various regions in Italy, many of which are truly traditional, ancient and are transmitted from generation to generation. This Italian cookbook will not only teach you how to cook in accordance with all Italian traditions, but will also fill you in Italian cuisine and culture in general.

Be ready to plunge into the atmosphere of real Italy with its rich variety of tastes, flavours and smells. Enrich your daily menu with the unique Italian recipes of breakfast, lunch and dinner in order to fill like in sunny Italy. Be sure, your family and friends will appreciate this food diversity and will be surprised by your creativity and culinary talents that you can definitely gain and improve with the help of this book. Open up to new tastes and experiences – we wish you a pleasant journey through the pages of the book!
Genre: Non-Fiction > Food & Drink

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