James Allison through Sigur E. Whitaker

James Allison: A Biography of the Engine Manufacturer and Indianapolis 500 Cofounder through Sigur E. Whitaker
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Overview: Among the engineers fueling the fast upward push of the automobile trade on the morning time of the 20th century used to be James Allison, a fountain pen maker who joined with Carl G. Fisher in 1904 to discovered Prest-O-Lite, an early producer of automobile headlights. This biography tracks Allison’s involvement within the Indianapolis 500, which he cofounded with Fisher and two others, in addition to his system store’s building of the Liberty engine, the primary industrially produced airplane engine, and in addition the V1710, the workhorse of World War II army airplane. Through his distinctive ingenuity and perseverance, Allison created a legacy that also resonates these days on the Indianapolis 500, Rolls-Royce, and Allison Transmission.
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