James Beltz – DJ Slaughter Series

James Beltz – DJ Slaughter Series

Slaughter: Origin Story
Narrated by: Shawn Milo
Series: DJ Slaughter, Book 1

If you’re a fan of Jack Reacher or Mitch Rapp, you’re going to love this audiobook. DJ Slaughter is no hero. But make no mistake, he’s tired of being pushed around. Life ambushed him years ago and left him bitter and broken. Now, when the same type of evil threatens him once more, it finds him more prepared. This time, he is just as lethal as the enemy that pursues him.

Prepare yourself for a thriller that will forbid you to put it down. It is an action/thriller/adventure novel that comes complete with heroic deeds, a bit of humor, a dash of romance, a few very unexpected twists, and an ending that may make you hurl something violently across the room.

Slaughter: White Out
Narrated by: Shawn Milo
Series: DJ Slaughter, Book 2

Who do you trust? Who can you depend on?

James Beltz’s modern-day gunslinger, known to the rest of us as DJ Slaughter, returns in this thrilling sequel. Book one left us with a massive cliffhanger. Book two serves to answer all of your burning questions in the very first chapter. However, in a sudden, neck-snapping plot twist, you will only be left with more questions. Nice job, James. Very nice job indeed…

The first book was a break-neck pace of thrilling adventure, reminding this reviewer of the first season of the Fox TV series "24". You know, before it went downhill and got all politically correct. But I digress…this sequel only allows you enough pause to catch your breath and dive deeper into the characters you have come to love. Along with an introduction to a few more you will quickly find yourself attached to. By the time you get to the end, you will feel like you know them all personally.

But prepare yourself. The world is littered with villains. James very effectively reminds us that they can spring out at you from places you least expect. This time, DJ has met his match. And how do you beat someone that
is better than you? I guess you’ll have to listen to the book to find out….