JavaScript Data Structures and Algorithms by Sammie Bae

JavaScript Data Structures and Algorithms: An Introduction to Understanding and Implementing Core Data Structure and Algorithm Fundamentals by Sammie Bae
Requirements: .PDF reader, 5.3 Mb
Overview: Explore data structures and algorithm concepts and their relation to everyday jаvascript development. A basic understanding of these ideas is essential to any jаvascript developer wishing to analyze and build great software solutions.
You’ll discover how to implement data structures such as hash tables, linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, and graphs. You’ll also learn how a URL shortener, such as, is developed and what is happening to the data as a PDF is uploaded to a webpage. This book covers the practical applications of data structures and algorithms to encryption, searching, sorting, and pattern matching.
It is crucial for jаvascript developers to understand how data structures work and how to design algorithms. This book and the accompanying code provide that essential foundation for doing so. With jаvascript Data Structures and Algorithms you can start developing your knowledge and applying it to your jаvascript projects today.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Tech & Devices

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