JeBouffe Home Canning by Edith Tremblay (.AZW)

JeBouffe Home Canning: Step by Step Guide, 2nd edition by Edith Tremblay, Francois Lafleur
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Overview: This guide is intended to provide you with the essential information to make your first small jars in a safe and enjoyable way. It will guide you through all stages from preparation to storage of your products. You will discover the principles of conservation for different types of food, the benefits of home canning, the recommended methods as well as the ones to avoid. Then you will learn the two proper methods of treatment: the boiling water bath and the pressure canning methods. You will find a list of essential equipment and the detailed steps for a successful canning experience. Finally you will gain some hands on experience with our easy and delicious recipes. This guide do not claim to be scientific or complete. We simply wants to give you the tools you need to get into the fun activity of preparing your home preserves.
About this second edition:
Following the success of the first edition, and thanks to some suggestions from our readers, we offer this revised version, corrected and expanded. We have included the imperial and some tables on the processing time for the preservation of the most popular fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry and fish. We also cover the effect of altitude on the processing time and pressure required for the safe canning of foods. Improving on the initial contents of this document we have also redesigned it to make it more educational, more fun to read and use.
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