Jeet Kune Do Foundations by Jason Korol

Jeet Kune Do Foundations by Jason Korol
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Overview: It’s easy to see the reality of violence. It’s easy to see that it isn’t choreographed and that highly complex routines won’t work under the pressures of a real fight because bad guys don’t stand still and cooperate. Moreover, it’s easy to see that real fights aren’t sporting matches or sparring contests either. Yes, this is all obvious to the person who wants to learn a method in order to protect themselves against a real threat. What isn’t so easy is finding a method that takes all these things seriously and gives you the simple truth of the matter. That was, in fact, exactly what the late Bruce Lee sought when he developed his ingenious fighting method, Jeet Kune Do. His brilliance wasn’t only in his movies but also in the fact that he understood the root of the issue. And what’s that? Simple – that the whole goal is keeping yourself as safe as possible and the best defense is a good offense and the best offense is a scientific counter-attack. Thus, the heart of JKD is the intercepting/stopping fist (or foot). Most methods give you dozens – even hundreds – of techniques. JKD favors the straight punch and kick. The entire system is a set-up for the basics and once they’re understood and practiced properly they can be expertly deployed by anyone. In Jeet Kune Do Foundations you’ll find these basics and you’ll learn the underlying philosophy that sets Lee’s intercepting fist method apart.
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