Jeff Miller – Agency Scaling Secrets 3 0

Jeff Miller – Agency Scaling Secrets 3 0
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What could you accomplish in 6 weeks with a behind the scenes views of a $25,000 a month Facebook Ads Agency

See how people just like you are accomplishing their goals, living the life they want, and making the money they deserve.

This program is designed to get you the end result your looking for

Knowing what to say and how to say it to turn casual conversations into paying clients
Get your campaigns up and running fast and guaranteeing it without losing money
Run research so your target customers write your ads for you so you don�t have to
Be able to prove your campaign is working so you can keep clients month after month
A behind the scenes view of my campaigns, programs, and pitch meetings

Anddd here�s how were going to do it!

Part 1: Get the results of 90 days of prospecting clients in about in 90 minutes

Here you are going to realize there about 3 major ways to grow your agency.

One takes a lot of time (which you don�t have)

The other takes a lot of money. (which you dont have).

But the best one (the one I�ve used to grow my agency) gets you in-front of your best future clients, the ones that want to talk to you, pay you, and work with you, and does it in a way where dozens of them approach you all at once.

We�ve seen people give a speech and get table rushed with money, clients, and appointments and guess what?

I�ll show you how to do it, where and how to network, the exact speech and presentation I used and do it in a way where you look like an absolute pro without having to be a Facebook Ads expert.

This is the secret behind the agencies that thrive (not survive but thrive) and getting high dollar clients that want to pay, listen to what you say, and find more problems you can solve in exchange for money.

Part 2: Nailing the On-boarding, The Pitch, and The Close So You Get Paid Upfront. No more Free Trials.

You don�t have to work for a discount, beg for a curious student, or even do a free trial. You can get paid thousands for your work even if you don�t have results, case studies or previous experience with your clients niche..

You�ll learn:

How to onboard your clients so they share their budgets, previous results, and you�ll know immediately if you want to take them on as a client while they beg to be pitched your program

How to pitch so your future client want to buy into it without having to lean on case studies or previous results.

How to close so you brain doesn�t undercut your prices, so your client doesn�t negotiate, and do it in a way where they pay you on the spot (you�ll even see it happen in my recorded pitch meetings).

I�ll also explain what you should NEVER do when pitching your program (and I�ll show you the two proven and closing techniques that make clients pay upfront, quickly, and do it without having you chase them across town).

PLUS, the right way to transition from the on-boarding to the pitch and the right way to close that makes your thousand dollar program look cheap in comparison and easy yes for your future client.

Part 3: Creating a Campaign that Works EVEN IF you don�t know what to put in the Ad

Then in week 3, we dive into how to CREATE a campaign that works quickly and consistently.

Did you know the biggest reason a Facebook campaign fails is because the agency doesn�t know what to put in the ad?

And then they spend thousands of dollars and months of time finding out what doesn�t work instead of what does.

Meanwhile your client is freaking out and wants to fire you.

I�ll show you an easy way to get your target marketing to write your Facebook Ad for you (so it works immediately). And the easy way to get a already work direct offer from your client so they love you.

I consider this is my secret weapon to creating ads that work at lightning speed� AND it includes automatic lead follow up so you can prove your campaign is working.

And I�ll explain and show you how to setup sneaky surveys, welcome texts, recorded call backs, soap opera sequences, and the RIGHT way to keep your client and their front desk accountable.

Part 4: Making your Facebook Profile Confirm and Convert

So your meeting people, setting appointments, and everyone wants to buy what you�ve got for sale. Then magically POOF�

They disappear. They always disappear.

They don�t respond to your messages, never return your phone calls, always delay, and never pay.

I hit this wall a million times and you know what I discovered?

When they went back to the office they showed their business partner and they looked me up on Facebook. When they found something they didn�t like they didn�t buy.

The message I was sending in person didn�t match the message my Facebook profile was sending.

I discovered your Facebook profile needs to confirm and convert that they should meet with you again and write you a check,

And I�ve made it SUPER EASY for you to do the same.

So you can say goodbye to clients not paying, disappearing, and going cold on you.

And say hello to clients that come back, come to you, and want to pay on the spot.

Plus I�ll explain the SMART way write posts that are honest and authentic even if you aren�t a Facebook Ads expert and don�t know what to write or what to say. (in fact, I�ll show you how to get this whole thing started in less than 10 minutes.)

Part 5: White Label Ready Case Studies and Masterclasses

When I was starting my agency everywhere was saying just get a case study, use a case study, create a case study. And I was scratching my head saying where is everyone getting these case studies?

Like is there some magical case study store I don�t know about that everyone else is using except for me?

If you�ve ever felt that way worry no longer. You�ll have access to white-label ready case studies of previously successful campaigns.

From the ads to the landing pages to the automatic follow up. It�ll all be there for you to learn, show, and understand.

Then you�ll have access to masterclasses (that I paid thousands of $$$ for) from other real life agency owners that have had massive success.

They�ll walk you through campaigns they�ve run in the past, their industry focused expert secrets, and what to AVOID saying so you find more clients and nail the sale.

Part 6: Expert Trainings, Personal Access, Coaching, and Accountability

Other previous students have gone from a brand spanking new agency with $0 to $8k, $30k, and $40k a month. Someone even figured out how to get over 100 appointments in a month and another got their first sale in their first week.

And guess what? They all shared exactly how they did it, step by step, and their expert secrets.

Wish you could set 10 appointments in 5 simple steps you could do every week? Its in there.

Wish you knew how to get on a podcast and make $25,000 in less than one month? Its also in there.

Want to see how someone gets over 100 dentist appointments a month every single month? Its in there.

Not to mention a rock solid accountability program that proven to work for every single successful student and weekly coaching calls, working hours, and emergency help me out access.

Here�s some bonuses that�ll blow your socks off.

BONUS #1 : Bike Shop Funnel, Ads, and Email Sequence

Want to know how I got a little known business in a facebook unfriendly niche and signed them for $2000+ a month?

And then watched that account grow over $10,000 a month�?

Want to see the actual replay of the actual pitch?

Well you got it

This bonus includes:

The entire bike shop funnel including the landing page, thank you page, ads, retargeting ads, and customer research.

A walkthrough of the funnel, how it works, and the results it got.

Exactly how I proved to my client that this whole thing worked even when he said it didn�t.

You�ll also get the exact videos and video ads I�ve used to get more customers walking into his doors.

This one funnel kept a client for over a year now and paid between $3k and $10k a month.

BONUS #2 : Car Wash Funnel, Ads, and Email Sequence


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