Jeff Salyards Audiobooks Collection – 3 Unabridged Books


Jeff Salyards grew up in a small town north of Chicago. While it wasn’t Mayberry, it was quiet and sleepy, so he got started early imagining his way into other worlds that were loud, chaotic, and full of irrepressible characters. While he ultimately moved away, he never lost his fascination for the fantastic. Though his tastes have grown a bit darker and more mature over the years.
Jeff lives near Chicago with his wife and three daughters. By day, he is a book editor for the American Bar Association; by night, he will continue to crank out novels as long as there are readers willing to read them.

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Bloodsounder’s Arc series

Jeff Salyards – Scourge Of The Betrayer (read by Kris Chung)
Jeff Salyards – Veil Of The Deserters (read by Kris Chung)
Jeff Salyards – Chains Of The Heretic (read by Kris Chung)

Bloodsounder's Arc series