Jessica Ortner – The Life Reboot

Jessica Ortner – The Life Reboot
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Hello and welcome to The Tapping Solution Presents: The Life Reboot � A 7-Week Program! I�m so happy you are here.

I�m so excited that you�ve decided to join The Tapping Solution Presents: The Life Reboot � A 7-Week Program to Get Unstuck and Find Your Flow!

In this program, you�ll learn how to gain clarity around what you truly desire, create an action plan, and most importantly, clear the blocks that cause overwhelm and procrastination, so you can begin to take steps forward in a way that feels liberating and fun. What could be better than that? ??

So let�s get started on how to use this site�

This is your member website, where you will find all of the information you need to participate in the seven-week program, including:

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Module 1:
Quieting the Critical Voice

I�m looking forward to beginning our journey together on October 3rd with our first webinar, followed up by getting to connect with you personally on October 6th during the live Q & A. You can see the full schedule here.

This week is critical because the moment we are ready for change, whether that�s a shift in our weight or in our finances, many of us tend to fall into the trap of criticizing ourselves to change. The judgments we have about ourselves, and our current situation, clouds our mind from the possibilities right in front of us. By addressing the critical voice, we can begin to tap into the wisdom of our inner voice and find our way.

You�ll learn how to avoid turning self-development into self-punishment and why it�s so important for lasting change, how to find your joy and why that equals to lasting change, what the Pattern of Panic is and how to break the cycle and much more!

So mark your calendar! I�m thrilled to starting this adventure with you!
Module 2:
Clearing the Cobwebs: Creating an Environment that Stimulates Creativity and Change

I�ll see you again on October 10th for week 2 where we will create an environment that supports your dreams. Your physical environment directly impacts your ability to make changes. A butterfly can�t transform without a cocoon, a plant can�t grow within dry depleted soil and YOU can�t thrive when your environment doesn�t support you. This week you�ll learn the keys to creating a space that supports your transformation.

I�ll address all your biggest blocks when we get to connect during the live Q & A on October 13th. You can see the full schedule here.

We�ll be covering topics like, the importance of creating a super charged healthy environment that stimulates clarity and creativity, Why our clutter is a sign that we might be resisting some kind of change, How to overcome the resistance of letting things go that are no longer serving you and The power of mantras to create a joyful experience.

So mark your calendar! Week 2 is fun, easy and TRANSFORMATIONAL! Your space will feel better than ever.
Module 3:
Clarity and Creation: How to Find What You Really Want and Get It

change, now you�re ready to dive into week 3 on October 17th.

The average goal setting exercise simply creates that sneaking pattern of panic. We become fully aware of what we don�t have and try to take action from a place of panic and fear. As we know all too well, the result is often disappointing.

Or, just as frustrating, we aren�t really sure what we want. We want to make a change but exactly what we want seems so unclear.

This week you�ll be taken through a 8-step process to gain clarity around what you truly want and harness your power to create it.

Part of this process is about building a better relationship with what you want by tapping on the doubts, fears and beliefs that cause you to sabotage your own success. This 8-step process is a powerful experience that once you learn, will help you for years to come.

I�ll be addressing any questions your have on October 20th during our live Q&A call.

I�m looking forward to hear about your big breakthroughs this week!
Module 4:
Ending Procrastination: When You Know What to Do but You Just Aren�t Doing It

Week 3 left you focused and clear about what you truly want, on October 24th we begin week 4 by making sure the habit of procrastination doesn�t put your transformation on hold.

Nothing can be more frustrating than knowing what you want to do, but finding yourself constantly procrastinating. Most people turn to beating themselves up without taking the time to learn the secret messages of their procrastination

You�ll learn how to distinguish between intuitive procrastination and fear-based procrastination and how to move in the direction of what you want.

When you discover the root behind your procrastination, you will discover how to take action in a way that feels natural and freeing.

Remember, your unconscious brain will stop you from taking action on the things you want if what you want feels unsafe or risky. Even if you consciously want something, if a part of your unconscious brain has a negative emotion, or past experience, or limiting belief associated with taking that action, it will do everything it can to stop you from doing it!

On October 27th any burning questions and do some extra tapping on the biggest blocks to taking action with confidence and ease.

Understand your procrastination, tap on the blocks and you will go from pushing for every inch of progress to taking massive strides with ease! I�m looking forward to learn about the action you�ve taken with ease and joy that week!
Module 5:
Getting the Drama Out of Your Life

By now you have been making strides in your life but one thing can still block your way and that is drama. It comes down to this, change takes energy, drama takes energy, and we only have so much energy. On October 31st I�ll show you how to get the drama out of your life with Tapping to continue to grow an environment that stimulates positive thought, creativity and growth.

The people in our lives play a huge role in our ability to change. And it�s not about the people themselves but rather about the emotions and energy they bring out in us. You no longer have to feel hijacked by drama!

On November 3rd I�ll support you by answering any questions that have come up and we�ll tap on any remaining blocks.

Let�s use all our energy towards building the life we want by learning how to release the drama that is so depleting. Yes, it is possible and I�ll show you how.
Module 6:
Your Confidence Formula: How to Cultivate Your Natural Strengths

Change can not happen without courage and courage isn�t possible without a sense of self confidence. On November 7th you�ll learn how to build, protect and nurture your own confidence.

Many people associate being confident with an outward, boisterous personality. That if you�re confident, you must outwardly show it. But confidence isn�t about what you show outwardly, it�s about what you feel inwardly. There are people who are outwardly confident, and people that are quietly confident.

During this week you�ll work to develop your personal confidence formula.

We�ll get clear on and release the negative emotions, past experiences, and limiting beliefs that keep you from feeling confident and build upon your natural strength.

We�ll go even deeper on November 10th during the live Q&A to address any remaining resistance and burning questions.

You�ll gain clarity on what makes YOU unique and powerful. Your new found confidence is waiting!
Module 7:
The Keys to Consistency: How to Make Change Stick

As our 7 week journey begins to come to an end its important to remember, the support and resources are always here for you. You have a lifetime membership!

In our final week you�ll learn to address and clear the two consistency killers, perfectionism and impatience! But talking about them isn�t enough, we�ll do powerful tapping exercises to release these blocks during webinar 7 which begins on November 14th. It�s a process that you can always come back to whenever you need an emotional tune up.

You don�t want to fear getting off track; you want to plan for it. When your day or plan doesn�t go perfectly your way, what are the strategies that will guide you back to feeling centered and confident? That�s exactly what you�ll discover.

I�ll address and tap on any remaining fears and answer your questions during the live Q&A on November 17th.

The 7 weeks may be over, but this is just the beginning of a life filled with joy, confidence and passion!


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