Jim Cockrum – Proven Team Building

Jim Cockrum – Proven Team Building

What do all of the most successful seven-figure Amazon selling pros have in common?
ANSWER: They Know How To Grow A Team!
Nearly all of the top success stories in our large community of Amazon sellers have one thing in common. Each of them have figured out how to build a team and now they are telling us how they did it step by step!

Introducing the Proven Team Building course. Brought to you by some of the most successful Amazon sellers in the large Proven Amazon Course community.

The Proven Team Building course is for you if.

You are ready to reduce the time you spend working in your business and begin focusing more on working on your business
You are ready to begin sourcing profitable inventory from places where you could never go before, or don’t have the time to go (online or around the world)
You’ve imagined having others do all the tasks that you know you shouldn’t be doing yourself, but you are unsure of what the transition looks like
You want your business to grow while you get to focus on the things that only you can do
You are new to online business, or you are a seasoned pro at online selling
It’s time to stop being a slave to your business. Sometimes simply hustling is not the answer. It’s time to work smarter.

In this course we’ll show you how to build proven repeatable systems that will expand your business with the momentum that can only come from having a team.

This is an international opportunity. Your team can live and operate from anywhere in the world and they don’t have to be employees.

Why Build A Team?

Planning your team
Why hire your own team?
Are you ready for a team?
Systemizing Your Business

The workspace
Product receiving and prep
Listing and shipping
Hiring Process

Employee vs. contract worker
Tracking time and tasks
Finding team members
Narrowing candidates
The interview
Talking to references
Onboarding and Training

Training process
Condition classification
Prep, listing, and shipping training
Skill demonstration activity
Get to work
Buyer training
Handling inventory purchases
Hiring and Training Virtual Assistants

Adding a VA to your team
Where to find a VA
The VA hiring process
Managing Your Team

Managing the team remotely
When problems happen
Gaining Loyalty And "Buy-In"

Incentive programs
Advancement opportunities
Downloadable Docs & Spreadsheets

Application and interview questions
Commission calculator
Product prep flowchart
Printable communication notes
Condition clarification guide
Order receiving form template
Plus all slides and transcripts
Bonus 1: Tips For Leasing Workspace

Determine your needs
Workspace options
Costs to factor in
Evaluating options
The lease and lease negotiation
Moving in
Bonus 2: Proven Sourcing with Brett Bartlett and Jim Cockrum

Over 2 hours of Brett and Jim discussing building a team

The one crucial skill you need
Three questions you will want answered
The most profitable factor in Brett’s biz
Brett’s biggest frustration and how he deals with it
What keeps the contractors from keeping the merchandise to sell themselves
Tracking expenses
Who has access to your online accounts
What Brett is scared to death of and how to conquer it

After this course you will be able to:

Work fewer hours on those tasks that you know are simple hourly tasks
Put your inventory sourcing strategies, product prep, storage decisions and virtually all other biz decisions on autopilot
Quickly find and train eager and capable workers to do great work for your business
Use the same Amazon training and process strategies that our most successful students are using
Avoid bringing the wrong people into your business
Reduce your Amazon business to a couple of numbers that you check when you feel like it (that’s EXACTLY what my Amazon business is)
Watch your business grow as you provide great jobs and opportunities to those whom you choose to include in your business
Generate the sort of long-term loyalty and momentum from your team that our top performing students are seeing by giving them great incentives to perform


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