Jim Fay : Calming the Chaos: Behavior Improvement Strategies for the Child with Adhd

Jim Fay : Calming the Chaos: Behavior Improvement Strategies for the Child with Adhd

Educational expert Jim Fay and school psychologist Charles Fay Ph.D. team up in a live presentation to show parents and teachers how to use the Love and Logic techniques to reduce the stress and chaos that so often result from the behavior of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.

Small collection of Love & Logic books. Love and Logic
Worth investing in their books and such if you find them useful.

Do your child a favor, love them enough to let them learn to be responsible.

Here are the books in the zip file.

01 Calming the Chaos – Behavior improvement strategies for the child with ADHD
01 Four Steps to Responsibility – Techniques to Lead Children to Responsible Decision Making
01 Love & Logic_ Love Me Enough to Set Some Limits
01 Love & Logic_ Parenting with Love & Logic_ Teaching Children Responsibilities
01 Parenting Teens with Love & Logic – Preparing Adolescents for Responsible Adulthood
01 Parenting with Love & Logic – Teaching Children Responsibility
01 Shaping Self-Concept – Encouraging Kids to Take Risks and Learn
01 Winning the Homework Battle – Helping Children Discover and Celebrate Their Strengths

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