John Gilstrap – Jonathan Grave series

Soft Targets: Jonathan Grave Prequel
Narrated by: Basil Sands
Length: 3 hrs and 35 mins

Four children’s lives hang in the balance. A vicious criminal is on the loose. With law enforcement at a dead end, there’s only one man who can recover the hostages: Jonathan Grave.

FBI Special Agent Irene Rivers is horrified to learn that because of mistakes made by agents under her command, a murderer and child molester will walk free. When Irene’s own daughters become the monster’s next targets, she reaches out in desperation to an elite Special Forces operator.

Jonathan Grave, Book 1
Length: 15 hrs and 10 mins
Narrated by: Jeremy Gage
No names. No Feds. No trace evidence. That’s how Jonathan Grave operates. As a freelance specialist in covert rescues, he has to work outside the law to get things done – especially in highly sensitive hostage situations. But when an Indiana college student is abducted, and Jonathan’s meticulous plan explodes into a deadly shooting spree, the local authorities are out for blood – and they’re not alone. Someone wants to control a devastating secret…Someone rich and powerful.

Hostage Zero: Jonathan Grave, Book 2
Length: 15 hrs and 16 mins
Narrated by: Jeremy Gage
Hostage rescue expert Jonathan Grave is used to working alone, and this time he’ll have to go where even the government won’t. An innocent man has been shot and two young people are missing. But tracking them down is just the beginning. To keep them and his covert team alive, Jonathan must plunge into the heart of an ugly secret that reaches into the highest corridors of power – and he must defeat enemies who are willing to kill again and again to keep the truth from being revealed.

Threat Warning: Jonathan Grave, Book 3
Narrated by: Basil Sands
Length: 12 hrs and 6 mins
The first victims are random. Ordinary citizens, fired upon at rush hour by unseen assassins. Caught in the crossfire of one of the attacks, rescue specialist Jonathan Grave spies a gunman getting away – with a mother and her young son as hostages. To free them, Grave and his team must enter the dark heart of a nationwide conspiracy. But their search goes beyond the frenzied schemes of a madman’s deadly ambitions. This time, it reaches all the way to the highest levels of power.

Damage Control: Jonathan Grave Book 4
Narrated by: Basil Sands
Length: 11 hrs and 21 mins
The hostages are young: a bus full of teenagers on a church mission. The ransom demands are explicit: deliver three million dollars – with zero involvement from law enforcement – or all captives will be executed. But rescue specialist Jonathan Grave doesn’t believe in ultimatums. For him and his elite team at Security Solutions, it’s all about protecting the innocent. Now Grave must face the chilling possibility that someone within the U.S. government has a deadly secret to protect – one that could jeopardize national security like never before…

High Treason: Jonathan Grave, Book 5
Narrated by: Basil Sands
Length: 13 hrs and 8 mins
First Lady Anna Darmond has been kidnapped in a bloody gunfight. It’s an unthinkable crime that, if revealed, could cause public panic, so hostage rescue specialist Jonathan Grave and his team must operate in absolute secrecy. But the mission is not all it seems. There are shadows in Mrs. Darmond’s past. As Grave tracks the missing First Lady through a labyrinth of lies and murder, he confronts a traitor at the highest level of Washington power – and a devastating scheme to bring a nation to its knees.

End Game: Jonathan Grave, Book 6
Narrated by: Basil Sands
Length: 11 hrs and 23 mins
Assassins have eliminated a Chechen scientist who’s been working as a double agent for the U.S. government. The feds know who to call: Jonathan Grave and his elite rescue team. Their mission: Find the dead man’s teenage son, who’s on the run – and off the grid – with crucial information that must not fall into the wrong hands. There’s one problem: The boy’s bodyguard is a security specialist with unusual talents, and she’s not giving up without a fight.

Against All Enemies: Jonathan Grave, Book 7
Narrated by: Basil Sands
Length: 11 hrs and 59 mins
Jonathan Grave finds it hard to believe that a fellow combat vet has gone rogue, killing American agents and leaking sensitive intel to hostile foreign interests. With black ops assassins on the trail of his old friend, Grave sets out to get to him first. He finds far more than he bargained for. Not only the wily operative but evidence of a conspiracy so dangerous, so far reaching, that an unthinkable tragedy is in motion. Grave and his elite team of specialists must expose a deadly high-level secret – and do it in time to avert a catastrophe of historic proportions.

John Gilstrap – Final Target
Narrated by: Basil Sands
Series: Jonathan Grave, Book 9

“Rocket-paced suspense.” (Jeffery Deaver)

“Gilstrap will leave you breathless.” (Harlan Coben)

“A great hero, a really exciting series.” (Joseph Finder)

Freelance operative Jonathan Grave faces his fiercest challenge yet in best-selling author John Gilstrap’s explosive new thriller….

The mission: Drop into the Mexican jungle, infiltrate a drug cartel’s compound, and extract a kidnapped DEA agent. But when Jonathan Grave and his partner, Boxers, retrieve the hostage and return to the exfil point, all hell breaks loose. Ambushed, abandoned, and attacked on all sides, their only hope of survival lies inside a remote orphanage where innocent children have been targeted for death. Even if Grave can lead his precious cargo to safety across a hundred miles of treacherous jungle filled with enemies, he can’t shake the feeling that something bigger is at play. A vast conspiracy of international power players who take no prisoners – and leave no survivors….

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