Jon Dykstra – Niche Tycoon November 2016

Jon Dykstra – Niche Tycoon November 2016
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In a nutshell, you’ll learn the following:
1. How to build ultra user-friendly niche websites with the potential for huge number of page views per visitor (which helps increase revenue). This is the result of over 4 months of research and testing creating a niche website structured designed to rank a great deal of content well in the search engines and just as importantly be extremely user-friendly. This structure also offers nearly infinite display ad possibilities.


Section 18 includes a full set of video tutorials showing you every detail how I build my latest niche websites – ever technical detail revealed.

2. How to generate large amounts of traffic from multiple sources including organic search, social media and paid;

3. How I’ve generated a great deal of profits from buying traffic to niche websites (this is a bit hit and miss so please don’t count on this necessarily working);

4. How to leverage high-traffic B2C niche blogs to tap into the insanely lucrative B2B markets (this alone is worth the price of the course);

5. How to earn recurring revenue from your B2C/B2B hybrid websites. Recurring revenue is the ultimate form of revenue for any business.

6. 4 Keyword research methods I use to uncover easy-to-rank for long tail keywords (the best way to start getting traffic immediately;

7. How to get user-generated content submitted and done so in a way that it actually results in the best content on the web (it all comes down to website structure and precisely what types of content you ask for users to submit);

8. Detailed niche selection videos and information;

9. Over the shoulder videos showing you step-by-step how I build my brand new types of niche websites. You’ll get access to a sample website as well as shown in the videos.

10. Where and how I get excellent content for very reasonable rates. plus how you can get FREE content from your website users (this is part of the magic of building a B2C/B2B hybrid website.

11. You will learn exactly how and where I put display ads for maximum revenue.

12. This course includes loads of information on how I generate thousands of dollars each month in affiliate commissions including promoting physical products and digital products to a variety of niche audiences.

PLUS so much more. See the entire course outline below to see exactly what’s covered.

Below are the lessons in the course. All lessons in Sections 18 and 19 are brand new teaching a TOTALLY new niche website concept. It’s very, very cool!
New concepts are taught with sample website built from scratch. just follow along.

SECTION 1: Getting Started

Lesson 2: About Me
Lesson 3: 11 Steps (The BIG Picture)

SECTION 2: Proof

Lesson 4: Proof of Success

SECTION 3: Niche Selection

Lesson 5: Niche Selection Criteria and Examples
Lesson 6: Niche Selection (Validating a Niche)
Lesson 7: Choosing a Domain Name

SECTION 4: Setting Up WordPress

Lesson 8: Registering a Domain
Lesson 9: Assign a Domain (Bluehost)
Lesson 10: Install WordPress (Bluehost)
Lesson 11: Basic Website Set Up
SECTION 5: Your Website (Formát & Plugins)

Lesson 12: 5 WordPress Themes I Like
Lesson 13: Blog Post Formatting and Ad Placement
Lesson 14: Plugins I Use
SECTION 6: Keyword Research

Lesson 15: 4 Keyword Research Methods
Lesson 16: Keyword Research Method #1: Top Down Approach
Lesson 17: Keyword Research Method #2: Bottom Up Approach
Lesson 18: Keyword Research #3: Beat-the-Competition Approach
Lesson 19: Keyword Research #4: Seed Keyword Approach
SECTION 7: Website Content

Lesson 20: 7 Types of Content to Publish
Lesson 21: Should You Paginate Cor
Lesson 22: My Top 3 Sources for Written Content
Lesson 23: Image Sources (Extensive List of Free and Paid)
Lesson 24: Email Template for Requesting Use of Images
Lesson 25: Free Images and Content (from Facebook and Imgur)
Lesson 26: Outsourcing

SECTION 8: Ad Monetization

Lesson 27: Ad Placement
Lesson 28: Ezoic Set Up Tutorial
Lesson 29: My Current Ad Networks
Lesson 30: Managing Ads with Ad Inserter Plugin Tutorial
Lesson 31: How to Make a Sticky Fixed Sidebar Ad
SECTION 9: Affiliate Marketing

Lesson 32: How I Eam Affiliate Commissions with My Content
Lesson 33: My Affiliate Store Concept

Lesson 34: Website Structure
Lesson 35: On-Site SEO (Including Image SEO)
Lesson 36: Link Building (the easy, but effective way)
Lesson 37: WP Review Plugin (Get More Traffic with It)

SECTION 11: Facebook Page (Free Organic Traffic)

Lesson 38: Facebook Newsfeed Posting Strategy
Lesson 39: Facebook Status Link Posts to Newsfeed
Lesson 40: Facebook Image Post to Newsfeed
Lesson 41: Facebook Slideshow Post to the Newsfeed
Lesson 42: Make Money Posting to FB

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