Jonathan Chase – Chinosis Package

Jonathan Chase – Chinosis Package

CHINOSIS is an eclectic mix of three components; Meridian Therapy – gentle self applied acupressure, Symbolism, the language of the subconscious, and the clearing Chi energy principles of Feng Shui.

With CHINOSIS you can easily achieve everything that any other similar system has ever been capable of and do it faster without need of analysis or lengthy training in psychotherapy.

We believe that CHINOSIS is the simplest and most effective system of its kind. Holistic and completely complementary to all other forms of therapy and medicine, CHINOSIS counterbalances unnecessary emotional tension, neutralises negatives and achieves inner balance, often working where other methods fail. Gaining control of our emotions and changing our lives is a process, CHINOSIS
is the start of that process.[email protected]+.part1.rar[email protected]+.part2.rar

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