Juggling With Knives: Smart Investing In The …

Juggling With Knives: Smart Investing In The Coming Age Of Volatility

In his new book, investment expert Jim Jubak explores the new normal" of market volatility. With remarkable insights into the zeitgeist of financial markets and the economy, Jubak combines the big macro trends with the more mundane aspects of life to depict why volatility is here to stay, why things are not going to get any calmer soon, and how you can make investing decisions to profit off this new reality. He presents a unified picture that extends far beyond a narrow view of financial markets, exploring the consequences of using global central banksthe Federal Reserve, the Bank of Japan, the People’s Bank of China, and the European Central Bankas cash machines the debt model of growth now used worldwide and the demographics of aging and the coming war between the young and the old. He also looks at social trends including the anxiety of affluence, particularly the mismatch between the guaranteed cost of education and the uncertainty of future earnings the real estate barbell" and the consequences viewing a home as a financial asset and not simply a place to live and energy, climate, water and food insecurity. Jubak’s mission is to teach investors how to stay sane when people think the sky is falling. In showing what is causing all of this volatility, he provides practical solutions for how you can smartly respond, build a portfolio, and profit.