Just Do Good Work: A Simple Guide …

Just Do Good Work: A Simple Guide Towards The Evolution Of Us Psychotherapists After Erickson

Rob McNeilly was one of the fortunate few to learn directly from Milton Erickson. In constant, chronic pain and confined to a wheelchair due to residuals of polio, Erickson perfumed the atmosphere with the spirit of, "Of course you can. Of course you can change. Of course you can cope adequately." McNeilly learned well from his mentor: Just Do Good Work is nuanced with the rich essence of expectancy, understanding, and connection. Those who want to be better clinicians will do well to absorb McNeilly’s message. Jeffrey K Zeig, PhD The Milton H Erickson Foundation McNeilly’s voice weaves together with that of Milton Erickson’s and others to direct therapists on a journey of inspiration. Just Do Good Work is charming and wise, delightful and educational – You won’t want to put it down until you’ve read it completely. Stephen Lankton, MSW, DAHB Author, The Answer Within and Tools of Intention Editor-in-Chief, American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis "’Just Do Good Work’ is simple in its delivery, but profound in its depth. Rob McNeilly’s book gives great comfort to psychotherapists who desire to move away from performing therapy as a scripted process. His insights and wisdom give the reader courage to begin exploring therapy as a dynamic and alive interaction filled with creativity, expectancy, and compassion". -Paul J. Leslie, Ed.D., LPC, author of "Potential Not Pathology: Helping Your Clients Transform Using Ericksonian Psychotherapy" and "Low Country Shamanism" I applaud Rob McNeilly for his engaging and informative synthesis of the innovative approaches of Milton H. Erickson. Just do Good Work Is a fantastic, thought provoking book that will have a permanent place on my desk, as a reminder of Rob’s humanity, honesty, innovation and the qualities he learned from his mentor. Carolyn Daitch, Ph.D. Director Center for the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders. Author: The Road to Calm Workbook: Life Changing Tools to Stop Runaway Emotions. In the late 1970’s, Dr. Erickson told Rob McNeilly, "Just do good work." Over the last four decades, McNeilly has been refining his therapeutic skills, ideas, and teaching around the world. This lifetime of experience has been distilled into this pithy gem of a book, offering essential elements involved in developing sensitivities and competencies in sacred and effective therapeutic connections. If you don’t know what to look for, you are unlikely to find it. McNeilly shows a clear path toward therapeutic mastery and healing magic. Peter W. Thorneycroft, Psychologist and Solutions Coach

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