Kadenze – Programming Max Structuring Interactive Software for Digital Arts

Kadenze – Programming Max Structuring Interactive Software for Digital Arts | 25.86 GB
Max is a powerful platform that accommodates and connects a wide range of tools for sound, graphics, music and
interactivity, using a flexible patching and programming environment. Max allows most computer users to write a simple,
meaningful program within a few minutes, even with limited programming knowledge. But to make something more substantial,
you need to approach Max as a real programming language, using the advantages of its various mechanisms for abstracting
program elements into scalable, reusable components that can be combined in more and more powerful ways.

This class will not cover all the possibilities of the language, but instead will focus on the key concepts and mechanisms
that will allow you to get a huge new freedom and opportunities in Max. The class will concern:
* play sound and film
* sound synthesis
* processing sound and video effects
* algorithmic composition
* cross-modal mappings (for example, videos that affect audio and vice versa)
* interactive control (for example, from a QWERTY keyboard, mouse, USB devices, Open Sound Control)
Maximum programming, like most interesting topics, has deep and shallow aspects. This course will mainly focus on deep
aspects: principles, concepts, methods, and theory. If you understand these basic aspects, your ability to create Max will
grow exponentially.
At the same time, it is not just a theoretical class. You will also create your own projects using Max. This course will
teach you the minimum necessary to start working on assignments, but basically I will teach you how to independently study
or search for minor knowledge using Max’s built-in documentation, the Internet, as well as the Kadenz course forum. how to
program your own tests that answer specific questions or identify potential errors. By working in this way, you will also
develop the necessary skills and skills that will help develop confidence and self-sufficiency and will serve you in the
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