Karen Maitland Audiobooks Collection – 8 Unabridged Books


Karen Maitland has recently moved to the wonderful county of Devon and has a doctorate in psycholinguists. She is fascinated by the myth and magic of the Middle Ages, which she draws on for her novels. She experienced the medieval lifestyle for real, when she worked for eighteen months in a rural village in Nigeria, living without electricity, plumbing or sanitation.
Her first medieval thriller was ‘Company of Liars’, was set at the time of the Black Death in 1348. This was followed by ‘The Owl Killers’, about the beguinages, the medieval cities of women. ‘The Gallows Curse’ is set in the reign of bad King John and ‘Falcons of Fire and Ice’, which is a dark thriller, set in Portugal during the Inquisition and Iceland at the time of the Reformation. She is published by Michael Joseph/Penguin.
Karen is also one of six historical crime writers known as the Medieval Murderers – Philip Gooden, Susannah Gregory, Michael Jecks, Bernard Knight and Ian Morson – who together write an annual joint murder-mystery novel, including ‘The Sacred Stone’, ‘Hill of Bones’ and ‘The First Murder’ published by Simon & Schuster.

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Karen Maitland – Company Of Liars (read by David Thorpe)
Karen Maitland – The Owl Killers (read by David Thorpe)
Karen Maitland – The Gallows Curse (read by David Thorpe)
Karen Maitland – The Vanishing Witch (read by Jonathan Keeble)
Karen Maitland – The Falcons Of Fire And Ice (read by David Thorpe)
Karen Maitland – The Raven’s Head (read by Jonathan Keeble)
Karen Maitland – The Plague Charmer (read by Jonathan Keeble)
Karen Maitland – A Gathering Of Ghosts (read by Jonathan Keeble)