Keith Laumer, Galactic Odyssey, Audiobook, Mp3

New Keith Laumer, GALACTIC ODYSSEY, audiobook, mp3

First serialised in IF magazine (May-July, 1967)
First published in novel form in 1967.

5 hrs 35 mins
Narration: Voice synthesis (Daniel UK)

It was strange enough to begin with — I, Billy Danger, stranded on a planet with the beautiful Lady Raire. After the massacre that took two of our party, we alone were left, waiting to be rescued.

Hope filled my breast when a spaceship landed, but the batlike dwarfs that emerged, viciously beat me up, grabbed the Lady Raire…and when I came to, they were gone with her.

She was my charge — I was responsible for her safety, and I meant to find her, even if I had to travel to each and every planet in the galaxy.

I was a bluff young lad in those days — and might have chosen differently, if I had known what grisly adventures were in store for me in the century’s most hair-raising GALACTIC ODYSSEY.

Books that have been around for a while (like this one) seldom make it to being audio recordings. Albeit that this particular publication has made it that far, it’s courtesy of one of the better synthesis voices and what is obviously a highly unofficial version that appears to have been put together by an enterprising person living with a severe visual impairment. This particular recording fell through a few cracks in the universe and finished as a link in one of its more obscure backwaters. Tired, one evening, I discovered it by accident, I couldn’t find my way back there if I tried. Nonetheless, I took it in, as if it was my own, reasoning that it deserved a good home and brought it here!